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What is TLC Pet Nutrition TLC is a uniquely formulated recipe offering a completely balanced diet ensuring your beloved pet is healthy and in peak condition. TLC Pet Nutrition is formulated by an animal nutritionist and is filled with essential vitamins and minerals. What makes TLC special ? Adult & Puppy • Bio-Mos – a natural pro-biotic: added for the nutritional aid and management of digestive related infectious diseases. • Contributes to a healthy immune system. • Boosts gut health • Increases digestibility • Improves stool consistency • Improves colonic health • Omega 6 & 3-Ensures a healthy skin & shiny coat. • Fully balanced with all essential vitamins & minerals. Including Diatomaceous earth (assists with intestinal health) • Anti-oxidant • Anti-oxidant supplementation is especially important for animals that are being treated for cancer. • General problems associated with aging, an antioxidant supplement may reduce the cellular damage done. • Liquid poultry digest / Fats & oils enhances palatability / taste. • With chicken & rice – enhances digestibility. • Soy free • Zinc & Copper – for improved skin integrity and beautiful coat and coat color.


Puppy extras:


  • Maize free
  • Contains green imported pumpkin seeds:
  • Natural source to control parasites
  • Helps promote digestibility
  • High in vitamin A which helps to fight cancer
  • Enhances a shiny coat.
  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin
  • Strengthens cartilage and improves joint flexibility.


Cat extras:


  • Minerals specially formulated for skeletal and dental health.
  • No artificial colourants or flavourants.
  • Avoid ingested hair build-up.
  • Assists to convert fat into energy.

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